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The US Department of Homeland Security and the FBI on Tuesday issued a joint statement in which they said the perpetrators of the attacks are “cyber actors of the North Korean government” who target computers running older, unpatched versions of Microsoft Windows. They also use vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash which Adobe said it patched last June to gain access to specific computers, the alert said. These were big-time hacks, with the WannaCry malware, which locked users out of their computers, hitting more than , PCs in more than countries in a matter of days. The hack into Sony Pictures was significant enough for then-President Barack Obama to weigh in, saying the attack “caused a lot of damage. They did say, though, that Hidden Cobra perpetrators are capable of introducing malware, keystroke logging, using remote access tools and employing denial-of-service attacks. Cybersecurity is a top concern for the US government. In May, President Trump signed an executive order urging greater action to improve government cyberdefense, including getting rid of “antiquated systems” and moving to the cloud. Added note that Adobe has patched the vulnerabilities in Flash. Bringing you a fresh and irreverent take on tech.

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A new girl group called The Gloss just announced their impending debut a few days ago. From their teaser picture, The Gloss looks like another run-of-the-mill K-pop girl group in funky leggings and dyed hair. Wait, a non-Asian in a K-pop group?! Wow, looks like K-pop has finally learned let go of their nationalistic streak and is beginning to embrace multiculturalism by allowing foreigners to become K-pop idols! I mean, it sure took them long enough, right?

Break out the champagne!

Recently, k-pop idol rap group BTS participated in the program American Hustle Life where viewers were able to chronicle the group as they delve further into Hip Hop culture.

It will discuss how to use various online websites and apps to meet Korean girls. This article is in no way advocating abuse of these sites or women met on these sites. All comments about women on these sites is not meant to be degrading, but my opinions based on my experiences. Online Dating Korea For Men So, you are a lonely guy staying in Korea looking to hook up, date or have a serious girlfriend with a local Korean girl.

In this article, I will go through and discuss various online dating sites and apps to help you fine the right Korean woman for you. But a free account get you limited ability to connect with girls. If you are a guy, you will need to pay. It is possible to use free functions on these sites, but you will just be frustrated, not talking to many women and basically being outdone by your rivals; other men.

Usually, there are more men than women on these sites, and the men are more active and aggressive contacting the women. To have no restrictions and improve your odds of getting the type of girl you are seeking, you need to pay. In my opinion, it is best just to pay for a monthly or yearly membership.

Korean girl band Pritz spark outrage with ‘Nazi’ all-black outfits

As he got no answer, he went to his office personally to achieve his intention. Yang gave him the opportunity to audition, where he was successful, and accepted by the record label as a trainee. Dong spent the first few years as a trainee cleaning the studio for the other artists in the company and fetching them water bottles during dance practices, later admitting that current artists at the time weren’t friendly towards him or Kwon.

Their formation was documented on television, but before their official debut, Hyun-Seung was dropped and their final lineup consisted of five members. Geojitmal from their first extended play Always

Linking blood types to personalities allegedly goes back to the ’s in Japan with the concept being resuscitated in the ’s by a Japanese writer, Masahiko Nomi. The idea then spread outward and took root elsewhere, primarily in Taiwan and South Korea. Following are the personality traits ascribed to the basic blood types: A, B, AB and O.

The idea then spread outward and took root elsewhere, primarily in Taiwan and South Korea. Following are the personality traits ascribed to the basic blood types: A, B, AB and O. Conservative, introverted, reserved, patient, punctual and inclined to be perfectionists. Obsessive, stubborn, self conscious and uptight. They can also be secretive and reluctant to share their feelings. Animal-loving, creative, flexible, individualistic, optimistic and passionate. Forgetful, irresponsible and self-centered.

Although often described as shallow and lazy, they can be quite passionate about the things they hold dear. Patience is not their strong suit either.

The dark side of South Korean pop music

Dating rumor has started to circulate around Bangtan Boys again. This time, the adorable maknae JungKook and one trainee girl, Ko Sohyun. Korean netizens are currently resurfacing past speculations of a possible relationship between them through SNS.

Hello guys newbie here.. Looking for a man who can marry me.

I’d like to again thank J. Huang for tabulating these numbers for me. In analyzing intermarriage rates, many scholars argue that it is more accurate to focus on this portion of the Asian American population rather than on all Asian Americans because these Asians who were raised in the U. That is, having grown up in the U. This makes sense because U. Filipino and Korean men, and Chinese, Filipino, and Korean women.

That may seem unbelievable but in this particular instance, the numbers do not lie. Asian Indians White — Most: Vietnamese Black — Most: Chinese Multiracial or Other — Most: Japanese Black — Most:

Marriage Patterns Among the ‘U.S.-Raised’

However, culture and traditional values of the region still bind these two countries with each other. The Korean language is spoken in both the countries and a similar family system is followed in both countries. Globalization has made certain changes to the family patterns and social structure, predominantly in South Korea because of its flexible policies, which is not the case with North Korean politics. As good and old habits die hard, both the Korean countries are still deeply rooted in their culture and traditions.

Influenced by the philosophical brilliance of Confucius, Koreans believe in family, community and society, unlike western ideology of individualism.

Members of K-pop girl group Apink revealed on tvN talk show “Life Bar” on Thursday that their agency banned them from dating at the beginning. “Our cell phones were confiscated,” said leader Park.

With big names like Zion. Paak under his belt. All before he released his first album. Luckily, he just released the long-waited EP. Suran Suran is a singer-songwriter with an unforgettable vocal color. Big Brain Big Brain is a four member rookie ballad group. Big Brain may be a rookie group, but make no mistake: Their old-school vibe gives their ballads a fresh new feel, and their rich and velvety vocals easily solidify their place in the music industry.

Will, Brother Su, and Junggigo. You can definitely hear that inspiration play out in her tunes. Since their debut, the trio has gone on to release a couple more singles along with countless standout covers.

Token White Member: The Problem With Foreign K-pop Idols

Share this article Share Pritz’s entertainment agency Pandagram, which rejected the comparison, said that when they were designing the costumes the ‘thought never occurred’ to them that the armbands and black outfits could be reminiscent of Nazi uniforms. According to Pandagram, the logo was inspired by traffic signs, with black numbers written on white circles surrounded by red. The X-shape has arrowheads at the end to symbolise Pritz’s ambitions of expanding ‘without a limit in four directions,’ according to the company’s representative.

The girl group from the South Korean capital Seoul wore the armband outfits on November 2, but had sung the same song at an event on October 25 without them.

The Asian Social Group group is for Asians (all types; Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc AND we welcome all race/ethnicities to join) who want to meet and socialize as well. This is meant to be a social group where you’ll go out and have fun and meet people who have similar interests.

Russian and American Dating Styles Korean Brides Make contact with a beautiful, sweet, and smart South Korean woman and you will most likely be instantly swept away. They are raised usually quite strictly and always respect the male influence within the family, either by birth or within the marriage. Decorum and respectability are considered paramount in social and familial situations. Korean women are focused and serious about their educations and the pursuit of careers.

Korean girls are also great to be around at social events because of their delightful personalities and the fun they have when they let their proverbial hair down. They are generally blessed with a petite but firm body, fine skin, dark straight hair, and beautiful brown eyes. They put a lot of care into how they present themselves, going to great lengths to master the subtlety of their communication skills.

Their acceptance of traditional roles in marriage allows you to take the lead as the man, with no reservation. Granted everyone is different, but in general Korean women share similar values and cultural expectations. Mostly they are focused on getting married before they become older and, as culture dictates, less desirable. They understand the importance of being good, loyal wives to their men. The capital and largest populated city is Seoul, an incredibly dynamic, bustling, and vibrant place.

The language spoken by pretty much all is Korean but most have a command of the English language as well.

11 Underrated Korean R&B Artists That’ll Have You Eargasming All Day

The Lazarus cybercrime group is mounting an ongoing scheme to steal the online credentials of bitcoin industry insiders, a report published by researchers at U. Secureworks said that as recently as last month it had monitored a targeted email campaign aiming to trick victims into clicking on a compromised link for a job opening for a chief financial officer role at a London cryptocurrency company.

Secureworks did not say whether anyone who received the email actually clicked on the link. The researchers said in a statement they believe the efforts to steal credentials are still on-going. Recent intrusions into several bitcoin exchanges in South Korea have been tentatively attributed to North Korea, it said. Secureworks researchers have found evidence dating back to of North Korean interest in bitcoin, when multiple user names originating from computers using extremely rare North Korean internet addresses were found researching bitcoin.

Inside the ‘Asian Men Black Women’ Dating Scene Long marginalized, Asian men and black women are getting together like never before, with Facebook groups, meet-ups, .

Some members already had experience in the entertainment industry, including Jun. K , who had won several singing competitions. Originally, the members of 2PM were part of a larger group known as One Day. A documentary called Hot Blood Men [4] captured the group’s training days. In this documentary, former member Jaebeom finished at the top spot and received the most fan votes. It also featured the elimination of three trainees from the group: However, Jinwoon replaced Im Daehun upon the latter’s withdrawal.

By the end of the training process, One Day had been reduced to an eleven-member group. The band was then split into four-member ballad group 2AM and seven-member hip-hop group 2PM.

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