Volkswagen develops augmented reality service manual for the XL1

Augmented Reality dating coming soon https: In development since March , FlirtAR promises to change the future of digital matchmaking forever. According to Renan Godinho, founder of FlirtAR, “FlirtAR will use facial recognition, geolocation, and augmented reality to show user dating profiles and begin conversations with potential dates in the real world and in real time. By algorithmically combining face recognition technology with geolocation information to not only allow registered users to access the dating profiles of other registered users when they see that special someone, in the real world, but also to begin a conversation with him or her immediately. Imagine you are walking on the Santa Monica pier and suddenly you see the crush of your dreams? Open the FlirtAR app and point to the person, and if he or she is registered, we’ll show you the name, age, interests of that person, and even the music that the person is currently listening to depending upon how that user has configured his or her profile and permissions. The person you would like to meet will get a notification, and if he or she is interested, just start a conversation! The app can be configured by the user not only for dating but also to help people make new friends.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Next Reality Augmented reality is becoming a slam dunk for sports entertainment, as leagues, their teams, and their broadcast partners have been quick to adopt AR. This obsession with the immersive space is particularly true when it comes to the NBA. Now, with the addition of augmented reality technology, those videos will surround Reali in the studio as floating windows that move and morph throughout the broadcast.

By Rob C. Inspired by the November 15th , AMA Toronto panel discussion entitled The Future Today: How Marketers Can Leverage Emerging Technologies, I would like to present my ideas on the components necessary in creating a functional AR speed dating solution. AR = Augmented Reality.

There’s an art installation for that: The “Augmented Hand Series” by Golan Levin, Chris Sugrue, and Kyle McDonald, is a real-time, interactive software system that presents playful, dreamlike, and uncanny transformations of its visitors’ hands. As one seven-year-old visitor succinctly puts it: You put your hand in it. You see your hand with an extra finger. About twenty different transformations or scenes have been developed. Some of these perform structural edits to the hand’s archetypal form; others endow the hand with new dimensions of plasticity; and others imbue the hand with a kind of autonomy, whose resulting behavior is a dynamic negotiation between visitor and algorithm.

The hand is a critical interface to the world, allowing the use of tools, the intimate sense of touch, and a vast range of communicative gestures. Yet we frequently take our hands for granted, thinking with them, or through them, but hardly ever about them. Our investigation takes a position of exploration and wonder. Can real-time alterations of the hand’s appearance bring about a new perception of the body as a plastic, variable, unstable medium?

10 Business Ideas for Apple Augmented Reality

Tinder Tinder just swiped right on some new people. The dating startup is announcing its second acquisition today, buying a company called Humin that specializes in figuring out the context of social connections. With this addition the company, Tinder is starting to break from the mold in which it was formed. To Jain, Tinder is augmented reality. Other services, like Facebook, Jain compares to virtual reality.

A year-old expert in the world of augmented reality (AR) and the youngest AR developer to be sponsored by Microsoft is hoping his work will one day help the lives of millions.

Next Reality Apple has sprung a massive AR following since the announcement of their ARKit , with users waiting to see what exactly the tech giant will do next. Now, thanks to a patent application published today, we might have an idea of what’s coming: The rumor that AR glasses are coming to Apple has been flying around for some time now. This patent only reveals the early musings of what Apple feels they could do, but it’s certainly interesting to get a glimpse into what could be the future of Apple AR.

It was from this acquisition that ARKit sprung, which wouldn’t make it surprising for AR glasses to be created out of the partnership as well. Developer Shows Us the Possible Future of Map Apps The patent application describes how the glasses could overlay information onto the real world by labeling points of interest and locations or identifying how things are put together complete with how-to videos.

It also describes how iPhones and AR glasses could be used together to stimulate a more realistic effect and let the user interact with images seen on the glass using the iOS device: This embodiment is particularly useful when using a head-mounted display comprising the camera and the screen.

Hands on: Microsoft Hololens augmented reality headset

FlirtAR uses facial recognition, geolocation, and augmented reality to help you find the love of your life. FlirtAR ] FlirtAR encourages you to meet ‘the one’ in real time The dating app will be available on both iOS and Android devices and it uses facial recognition and geolocation data to find your matches. Imagine you are out in the city and you see someone that catches your eye.

You then point your phone at them and if they are also a registered user then their profile data and likely compatibility are displayed. If you like what you see, you can instantly send a message, and hope they have push notifications enabled! From there you can hopefully take the flirtation into real time.

Augmented reality: requires one with an interactive experience of furniture at last week. They are standard nowadays, the female protagonist must juggle running a match. Like in a virtual reality ar dating apps that already available for android and fall in the promise of vr made me.

Advertisers will for the first time be able to give users more information about the lenses and filters they play with directly from the app. Fans could use the function try out a new brand of makeup or put on a pair of sunglasses, before clicking on a Context Card telling them more about the product. Scroll down for video Augmented reality ads could soon become a regular part of your social media experience, thanks to a new Snapchat feature. Advertisers will for the first time be able to give Snapchat users more information about the lenses and filters they play with directly from the app.

Some sponsored lenses and filters will now show a Context Card. Users simply swipe up on the card to access the additional information. The applications for the new advertising medium seem almost limitless. Companies will be able to dream up inventive interactive scenarios specifically designed to engage with their product’s audience. They will also be able to measure how effective the advert has been, by monitoring the number of people who have followed Context Card links.

The Los-Angeles based photo sharing app has added a touch of Hollywood glamour to the debut of its Context Cards for sponsored lenses and filters. Entertainment firm Lionsgate is the first brand to trial the new technology, running a promotion of its upcoming film Wonder, in cinemas on Friday. Users can see themselves in an astronaut’s helmet by using the lens, which celebrates World Kindness Day. An attached Context Card leads to a website where Snapchatters can check for screening times in their area, as well as buying tickets, as well as providing information within the app.

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Launching in the second half of , the app will be able to recognize nearby daters, measure compatibility, and match accordingly with a simple point of your smartphone. Through facial recognition technology, users will be able to spot nearby users in a crowded room… Read more on Tech. C0 This is Haptical weekly newsletter Get it on Amazon.

The format renders degree video in stereoscopic 3-D. Haptical A Florida university is making Quidditch a virtual reality.

Jul 18,  · We’re seeing a shift toward augmented reality with Apple’s recently announced ARKit and Snapchat’s augmented reality filters, and this is set to continue.

Share Save After developing an augmented reality car manual for the Audi A3 and similar software for wearables like Glass , Metaio certainly knows a thing or two about the AR space. It’s no surprise then, that Volkswagen has collaborated with Metaio to develop an augmented reality iPad app for the XL1 hybrid diesel that debuted earlier this year. MARTA also shows step-by-step instructions on how to repair and replace certain components, right down to which direction mechanics should be facing.

You can even use the app to test out different design elements like a new hood or a different color. And just in case all that AR doesn’t prove to be useful, the app provides a good ol’ fashioned text service manual as well. Still, it’s yet another sign that incorporating augmented reality into digital car manuals just makes sense. This means that service employees will need more extensive support in servicing new vehicles and their innovative functions.

The XL1 is a technological frontrunner — not only in its lightweight design, aerodynamics and state-of-the-art drive technology, but in the service area as well. The working methods and sequences of work steps used by employees of Volkswagen Service in their everyday work are highly dependent upon a vehicle’s equipment and features. To make it easier to manage this growing complexity, employees must be efficiently supported in their work activities.

This is the Future of Augmented Reality? Let’s Hope Not.

He also made ambitious predictions for the future. Want to see sharks swimming in your cereal? How about personalized street art, or meal recommendations from friends on restaurant menus? Using AR, Zuckerberg said, this could soon be possible.

Feb 14,  · I’m back in CNET’s office, alone, with a pair of virtual reality goggles in my hands. I just went on a date in space. This is the promise of VR, a decades-old technology that’s been hitting store.

Dec 24, 11, Imagine enhancing your perception of the environment around you, other people nearby, and even yourself. Imagine reliving past experiences as if they are happening right now. Imagine a crumbling border between physical and virtual reality. Such a future is closer than you might think. The basic premise of reality 2. The physical reality we experience and a possible digital reality that you imagine.

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See all updates Then there is the powerful gaming computer needed for generating the virtual 3D space. The latest versions of Microsoft Xbox or Sony PlayStation will suffice, and will certainly save a bundle if the user already owns such a video-game console. Otherwise, a PC fitted with a high-end graphics card capable of refreshing the screen at a minimum of 90 hertz cycles per second rather than the usual 60Hz is essential if the user is to avoid motion sickness and nausea.

Adding that can double the cost of getting into VR. That is just a start.

Augmented Reality (AR) is an innovative technology which allows our real world to be enhanced (or “augmented”) with the digital world. AR enables devices such as computers or smartphones to use their cameras to locate and identify specially designed AR “markers”.

We are living in the world of technology where everyone, regardless of age, shows enthusiasm to be restructured. Augmented Reality is a recent, well quite older, technology in which people turns their eye balls on. With its cool and advanced features, AR drives everyone crazy. There are various tools and platforms help us to make Augmented Reality App, but Vuforia and unity development tops in the options while considering the fastest growth of business.

These all was started from Gradually, it becomes advanced as wearable and digital displays.

The World’s First Augmented Reality Dating App Is Finally Here

Read more Learning languages made easy with AR Learning languages made easy with AR Hueber Verlag, the traditional Bavarian publishing company specialized in language learning textbooks, has been Read more Lufthansa Innovates Aviation Demonstration With Augmented Reality Lufthansa innovates aviation demo with augmented reality Instead of shipping and installing costly demo equipment to be displayed at trade Read more Remote AR:

Augmented reality is used at live events, with a “Heat Index” that shows you potential matches at the event. Loly is currently in beta and hopes to be available on February 14th, the same day that their fully compliant token sale begins.

The software upgrade, its fourth update, will be offered from Oct. It comes as Apple, Google, Facebook and others are all rushing to release augmented reality software for phones in a bid to capitalise on what experts will say could be the ‘next big thing’ in technology. Microsoft is looking at gaming applications first and then says business applications will follow. Microsoft’s new software release shrinks the laborious set-up of VR headsets for users to around 10 minutes, down from two to three hours now and helps cut the costs of headsets, in a step towards making such technology more mainstream.

Microsoft also announced plans by computer and virtual-reality headset makers to introduce new hardware for businesses, consumers and video gamers to take advantage of so-called ‘mixed reality’ features in the October software release. Mixed reality is the term Microsoft uses to describe software that covers both augmented and virtual reality. Augmented reality overlays text, sounds, graphics and video on real-world images that users actually see in front of them, while virtual reality creates entirely computer-generated worlds.

The multimedia content can be viewed on computers, TV displays, smartphones, tablets or, in the case of virtual reality, on dedicated goggles. Microsoft plans to target these features first at advanced video game players using VR headsets, with business applications to follow, officials said. Microsoft’s push comes as the U.

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