Post-War German Bayonets

The following items can be found on the The Lanes Armoury website , with full descriptions, photographs and prices. Was born in in St. From – he studied in Vhuteine?? In the s to s – he was working in the newspapers “Pravda”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Izvestia”, “For Industrialization”; in “30 Days” magazine, “Height”, “Foreign Literature”, “Youth”, “Ogonyok” the magazine received numerous prizes for the best pictures of the year. Author of campaign posters on topical issues of his time – anti-bourgeois, anti-religious, anti-fascist; posters on the theme of socialist labour and sports. It illustrates and prepares books for Military Publishing, publishing “Young Guard”, “Soviet writer”, “truth” and others. He created works in easel graphics – portraits, landscapes, drawings, executed in ink, brush, gouache, watercolor, pencil. Since he worked in the studio of military artists named after M. In the s – he was drawing postage stamps and stamped envelopes.

Post-War German Bayonets

The items in this section are no longer available but this section has been created as a reference for fellow collectors. To see what I currently have for sale click the sub-category or Return to Catalog. German Red Cross Dagger with Frog.

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Break Out the Museum Piece

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The first bayonet supplied to the US military for the M16 (Colt ) was very similiar to the well known M7 & was actually the M7’s forerunner, these bayonets were provided w/the (& most probably ) rifles bought by the US military prior to , the grips on most were a fiber type brown material & overpainted green, although there are.

Luftschutz Made of stamped metal with silver and black finish. White metal for Territorials. Great detail with no rubbing. Uncleaned and nicely toned. Good photo with collar tabs clearly visible. Kings Crown to top.

How to date an M7 Bayonet and M8A1 Scabbard

He trained in the states with an M , but once he arrived in-country, they used M ‘s. The date doesn’t really have anything to do with my Dad at all. When I stated assembling a representative example of the field gear he used in-country, obviously I wanted to use M gear. What I would like to do, if at all possible it to acquire a complete set of dated field gear and equipment.

27 GCA Journal• Fall The M7 scabbard, essentially a shorter version of the M3, was adopted for the M1 bayonet. Beckwith Manufacturing Co. pro-duced 2,, from April to August

The M7 has the same two-lever locking mechanism as the M4, that connects to a lug on the M16 rifles barrel. The M7 differs from M6 bayonet for the M14 rifle. The M7’s release mechanism is on the pommel , while the M6 has a spring-loaded lever near the guard that when depressed releases the bayonet. Both models are approximately the same length, have the same black finish, and use the M8A1, or later M10 sheath. One edge is sharpened its full length while to opposite side of the blade has approximately 3 inches sharpened.

There are no markings on the blade itself.

M7 bayonet

M8A1″ over “Made in W. Germany” Unknown M6 Modified U. Bayonet-Knife M6 modified to mount to the caliber. The crosspiece is modified by grinding the lower portion of the M6 crosspiece to a width comparable to the Second World War M4 Bayonet-Knife crosspiece.

This G3 bayonet was H & K’s design, dating from when H & K began producing G3 rifles. would have been similar to the scabbard pictured with the M7 bayonet below, except the scabbard throat would have been marked “U.S. M8A1” and the webbing would have included the U.S. M wire belt hanger.

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Identification of Bayonets

The items in this section are no longer available but this section has been created as a reference for fellow collectors. To see what I currently have for sale click the sub-category or Return to Catalog. This exact style vertical SS dagger hanger is pictured in Wittmann’s superb SS book on page , top picture, upper right.

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Pics courtesy of M1sniper. M4 vs Colt grip Top: The M4 used seperate leather washers compressed onto the tang, after WWII there was reportedly a “plastic” grip experimentally used on the M4 which approximated this leather washer grip which was not adopted, rather the black checkered plastic 2pc grips were adopted.

M8 vs M8A1 scabbard comparison Top: I do not have any pics of an original Colt supplied scabbard for the early Colt bayonets at this time. This is the General Cutlery example shown earlier. Military issue M7 scabbards Top: M10 Ontario scabbard mkg The M10 scabbards have the manufacturers code on the face, in this case 1Z which is believed to be Ontario.

Brown handle Colt 1 line mkg This bayonet is an original Colt, the grips are in the original material color of brown as were some of the very early Colt rifles , this particular bayonet has a 1 line variation of the Colt marking on the blade there are 3 altogether , most of these bayonets have the grips painted green.