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For a start only a few scattered sales statistics exist for the period between March and January , although rough estimates can be made on the basis of what information is available and bearing in mind the sales for the years either side of this gap. Neither these nor indeed a number of other sales were logged on the RCA computer when it was first installed in January , many millions unaccountably never made it in the chaos after his death a subject to which I shall return – and I am reliably informed that at one point some sales actually fell OFF the computer. A considerable number of both Sun and Pickwick returns are also lost. Whilst it is indeed a sorry tale I don’t think that the total damage is as great as some fans seem to imagine. But they were physically distributed as two albums and priced accordingly so Sony BMG are justifiably entitled to count them as such. Some budget albums were disqualified because they fell below designated pricing parameters.

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However, he has since established himself as a force to contend with in the rap game. Asap is a songwriter, rapper, director, and record producer. He joins the likes of Mac Miller to show his penchant for using alter-egos by doing his record producing under the pseudonym Lord Flacko. Two of those albums have also made it to the top spot of the Billboard His music career has also seen him sign some lucrative deals with top-tier record labels like RCA Records and Sony Music Entertainment.

Jul 13,  · The RCA Security App sets up RCA Security Cameras, including the RCA Doorbell Camera, and lets you view video from your camera remotely and /5(34).

Generally there are only two such suitable inputs: A line-in computer input blue that is separate from the computer’s microphone input usually pink Failing that, a line-in input on a USB or Firewire interface. Connecting to line-in of the computer In general, you need to run an appropriate cable from an output on the external device for example a tape deck, or a phono amplifier or receiver connected to a turntable to the line-in port of the computer.

Do not connect to the mic-in port of the computer. A standalone turntable should not generally be connected directly to the computer unless you are making specialist recordings from pre s discs. The best option is usually to connect to the source device’s “aux out”, “tape out”, “line-out” or “record” output if so equipped. These outputs standardize the signal at a fixed non-adjustable level of approximately 1 – 1.

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Establishment by General Electric[ edit ] Company logo in stressed its leadership in international communication. In , the Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company, Limited, was founded in London to promote the radio then known as “wireless telegraphy” inventions of Guglielmo Marconi. As part of a worldwide expansion, in American Marconi was organized as a subsidiary company, holding the rights to the use the Marconi patents in the United States and Cuba.

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Early Numbering Systems Between and , some , different recordings were made. Recording sessions supervised by the first eight recordists of the Gramophone Company and its successors account for nearly , of these recordings. A method obviously was needed to give each plate a positive and unique identification. Several early systems were proposed and used, but the volume of discs being produced outlived the practicality of nearly all of these systems.

Berliner z, May 15, Berliner , before Feb 22, The initial system was the obvious one: Gaisberg and the other recordists simply wrote the required details in the blank space in the center of each plate see above , there being no paper labels at the time. These details, together with the title Berliner or Gramophone , the Trade Mark of the Recording Angel precursor of Angel Records and Catalog Number added afterwards, then appeared on every pressing from a given matrix, since the plate itself bore the markings in mirror writing.

These discs also showed the dates of Berliner’s five patents see above , which did not include the gramophone patent No. This practice continued until the advent of discs with paper labels in January,

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List of records by W. DiscussRCA Victor auto Victrola record player In , a much cheaper car record player offered as a Chrysler option came on the market: Make A Record Man: Discover whats missing in your RCA Records discography. La Salle, Indianapolis, Indiana.

RCA November Tenant Background Investigations Volume 21 Issue 11 TALES Consumer reports that incorporate the re- disclosing an applicant’s criminal record dating back further than seven years from the date of inquiry when the applicant ap-plies for residency. The Fair Credit Reporting Act, RCW.

The album covers featured several of the famous striking photographs taken by Robert Hupka of Toscanini in rehearsal. Initially, only mono versions were issued. Then, in an attempt to satisfy fans of stereo , a number of “reprocessed” or “electronic” stereo versions were issued; generally, these were less than satisfactory because the tapes seldom had high enough fidelity to justify the separation of highs and lows, changes in equalization for each channel, or use of out-of-phase effects.

Victrola released a number of compilations of operatic recordings, taken mostly from rpm “Red Seal” discs. RCA Victor had an extensive catalog of operatic recordings by famous singers from opera’s golden age , dating back to its beginnings as the Victor Talking Machine Company in the early s. The most famous recordings were by the Italian tenor Enrico Caruso ; all of his recordings were made by the acoustical recording process before Victor began commercial electrical recording in Although these albums were released before the advent of digital remastering, great care was taken to achieve the best possible sound through various electronic processes available in the s and s.

In , some of Caruso’s recordings were among the first to be digitally remastered, using a ground-breaking process developed by Thomas G. Most Victrola LP releases beginning in the early s were issued on RCA’s ” Dynaflex ” vinyl format, which used thinner, more pliable, lighter-weight records. This cost-cutting effort frustrated many record collectors of the time, especially since some of the discs had an audible rumble when played on better quality turntables.

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These refer to the different stages in the manufacture of discs. If you are not sure of how records in general — 78s in particular — were made, click this link for an outline of the process. The most important things about most recent records are their performer, and the title.

Alexei gives a good answer. Let me add: Simply go to Discogs, pull out your record, and type the matrix into their search bar. The matrix is the string of letters and/or numbers stamped, or scratched, into the area of the run-out grooves.

Elvis and the Colonel wanted to present Elvis as a more mature artist and family-friendly movie star, rather than the rebellious rocker of his youth. In keeping with Elvis’ new image, the collectibles marketed with his likeness were no longer geared toward teenage girls, but rather to a wider audience of fans. This trend continued as Elvis’ movie career ended at the end of the s and gave rise to the concert legend of the s.

Here are a few of the Elvis Collectibles from the s and s. To promote good will, as well as Elvis’ singles and albums, RCA issued the calendars to fan clubs and to record stores as give-aways for their customers. Versions of the calendars were printed for foreign markets as well, including Germany and Japan. The promotion proved to be a popular one, particularly after Elvis died.

The rarest and most valuable calendar is the issue, while those from the years to are worth less than any others. They issued authentic reproductions of all 18 calendars for individuals who ordered the 25th Anniversary limited-edition Elvis Presley box set.

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Only a few of the RCA Alumni showed up. It was a agreed that it would be good to attempt getting the entire RCA family to an informal gathering. The thought was that an RCA day at the Monticello park, probably on a Sunday and involving a carry-in dinner might stir up a better attendance. Three people volunteered to accept phone calls from RCA employees: All RCA employees from the past please call and let the club register your name and phone number. Please, also state your feelings about having a special RCA day and when you think it should happen.

The control board in the picture is the famous RCA model 76 tube-type console dating from the 40s with an art deco RCA “on-air” light on top. (Chuck Pharis) Right behind my head is an RCA model 70 turntable with the record cutting attachment mounted on top.

November 3, Archie Bleyer was 43 years old when he founded his own record label in December, He called it Cadence, and set up headquarters on 49th Street in Manhattan. An orchestra leader, Bleyer was well known as a regular on Arthur Godfrey’s TV shows, which were Immensely popular in the mid s. Another regular on the Godfrey shows was Julius LaRosa, a young singer, and the immediate reason for Bleyer’s forming Cadence was to give LaRosa a recording vehicle.

Bleyer’s orchestra usually backed up LaRosa’s performances on TV, and it was a natural arrangement for the two to go into the recording field together. The first Cadence single release, Cadence , was “Anywhere I Wander” by LaRosa with Blyer’s orchestra, and it shot onto the national top 30 immediately, giving the new label a dose of instant success.

The followup effort “My Lady Loves To Dance,” sold moderately well during the spring of , but failed to chart nationally.

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Gramovox Floating Record Player: Now, the units are in the wild, and the almost unbelievable engineering feat works pretty much as advertised. It is, for all intents and purposes, a floating record player.

Connecting to the “aux out”, “tape out” or “record” jack of the device requires a cable that has dual RCA red/white plugs at one end (for connecting to the device) and a stereo 1/8 inch ( mm) plug at the other end (for connecting to the computer’s line-in port).

Victrola one sided 78 record Posted: Jun Sat 17, 2: Feb Mon 06, 7: A vinyl pressing when all the other copies are shellac 2. Colored vinyl or shellac if different from reg issue i. Made out of other materials i. Home-recorded records or period advertisements 7. Odd sizes besides 10″ and 12″ e.

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