I have a bulova watch A8 SERIAL#C877591

Prices Prices of vintage Bulova watches vary widely and depend on a number of factors, including the state of the economy at any given time. Some watch features guarantee a more valuable watch, however, regardless of the economy. Fine Metals Bulova watches made from platinum and gold have added value due to the metal. Rose-colored gold draws a high amount of interest, and cash, from collectors. Check for watch faces made from the same material. These faces can add a few hundred dollars to the price, depending on the amount of metal used in the face. Jeweled Movements Wind-up Bulovas with more than 10 jewels used in the movement are worth more than lower-jeweled models.

The 7 Best Things about Antique Bulova Watches

Little did anyone know at the time that this tiny fledgling enterprise was to grow into an empire that would irrevocably change the world of time and one day help put a man on the moon. At that time, accurate clocks had already been built for many years. Said to have been the original idea of Galileo Galilei in , but first built in practice by Christiaan Huygens, in , pendulum clocks could already keep time to within a tenth of a second a day.

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This watch is contstructed with an attractive stainless steel case with a black analog dial. It is water-resistant to 50 meters, and it boasts a wide variety of useful functions. As its name implies, several of these functions are specifically geared for use on the ski slope. This watch features an elegant, yet manly, sleek design accentuated with a black faux-crocodile leather strap. This watch has become a favorite among divers seeing it is water resistant down to an impressive feet.

The watch even includes a diving log function which can capture data consequent to up to 20 dives. This watch is a top choice among both Navy Seals as well as Air Force pilots, and it contains functions useful on the battlefield as well as the dance floor. This watch utilizes tritium gas to achieve illumination times brighter than typical luminous watches which can come in handy when assessing whether a girl on a dark dance floor is worthy of bringing home. Suffice to say, this watch has ultra-sturdy construction, and unless your plans include mountain assaults the odds are great that you will own it for many years without a scratch.

This watch contains three sub-dials situated next to a discrete window for the date. The genesis of this watch was derived for boaters, but this current iteration is perfect for mariners and landlubbers alike. This watch is perfect for sportsmen of all types, and it is water-resistant down to almost feet which makes it a top choice for divers who also want to retain a sense of style. The design of the Tissot Quadrato Chronograph contains brushed and polished stainless steel for both the face as well as the band, and functionality is ensured with precise Swiss quartz movement.

Deciphering the actual time can be a real task, but the uniqueness of this timepiece makes it worth the extra effort.


These pieces are sold in unprecedented numbers. In Bulova introduces the first full line of men’s jeweled wristwatches. Bulova perfects a new concept in the watch industry with total standardization of parts. Every part of a Bulova watch is made with such precision standardized to the ten thousandth part of an inch that it is interchangeable with the same part in any other Bulova watch.

This revolutionizes the servicing of watches in the industry.

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Over the years, Bulova used a variety of codes that allow you to date the case simply by comparing the code to a reference. After , the date code is typically found on the back of the case. Beginning in , Bulova used a simple code to date the case. The code is a single letter and a single digit. The letter represents the decade, the number the last digit in the year. Dating cases prior to is largely guesswork.

There is no date code on the case; the code was located on the movement. Dating cases prior to means you have to largely rely on matching models to source materials and known examples. Note that the date codes prior to also used a different format — they are graphical symbols, as shown in the chart below.

Of special note here:


Take me straight to the Auctions! The Accutron watch was developed by Bulova and the whole design of the watch is a marked departure from the traditional use of a balance wheel and hairspring as is normally the case. The replacement mechanism is in fact a tuning fork arrangement, which makes the watch somewhat unique and gives it qualities of accuracy not known with traditional movements.

Name: Bulova Accutron Sir Richard Branson Limited Edition Material: titanium, alligator strap Size: 46mm Movement: automatic Key Features: certified chronometer, hour second time zone reading.

These pieces are sold in unprecedented numbers. In Bulova introduces the first full line of men’s jeweled wristwatches. Bulova perfects a new concept in the watch industry with total standardization of parts. Every part of a Bulova watch is made with such precision standardized to the ten thousandth part of an inch that it is interchangeable with the same part in any other Bulova watch. This revolutionizes the servicing of watches in the industry.

The supply is sold out within three days. During the next few years Bulova sells nearly 50, of these commemorative watches. Throughout the Depression years, Bulova supports retailers by offering Bulova watches to buyers on time-payment plans. A letter followed by a number indicates the year of manufacture. Accutron, the first fully electronic watch, promises to keep time to within 2 seconds a day.

Also added this year is the Bulova Wrist-Alarm, an entirely new kind of watch. Survey reveals that Americans see more national advertising for Bulova products than for any other products, in any other industry, in the world. This is the first time in history that any watch or jewelry allied industry has made a sponsorship commitment of such magnitude.


GB e molti altri paes, Numero oggetto: The only thing of any significance to mention is the mark on the right hand side of the dial just below 3 towards the centre, which is perhaps best seen in Photo 4. However, overall it is in nice condition. The watch works perfectly, humming away and keeping good time. The time can be seen progressing in the series of photos.

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Bulova Watch Identification Guide

Part of that litmus test is that the case, movement, and dial must bear one of the signatures known to have been used by Bulova, as explained in the bullets that follow. Any watch missing one of those three key signatures should be viewed with suspicion. Note, however, that some watches made in the late s–such as LEDs, LCDs, and quartz models-may not have the Bulova signature on the movement, and they may not have a traditional dial, but those instances are limited and obvious.

There may be instances in very early watches–such as those that apparently date to pre where the dial is not signed, but those rare examples are the only instances where a Bulova dial does not read “Bulova”. From the early s to today, a Bulova watch will have a Bulova signed dial. The dial should not read “Movement” under the “Bulova” signature.

Anonymous Pocket Watch: Swiss made, 15 jewels, circa ‘s. This example is used in a 6E/50 observer’s pocket watch issued to the British military during the Second World War.

Below are some pictures of the movements in some of my watches. Swiss made, 15 jewels, circa ‘s. USA made, Hz, circa The Bulova Accutron was the world’s first electronic wristwatch movement, utilising the high frequency vibrations of a tiny “tuning fork” rather than the oscillations of a mechanical balance wheel to regulate timing. These were issued to the British military during the Second World War and on into the ‘s. Soviet made, LCD quartz, circa late ‘s early ‘s.

Bulova Accutron Spaceview 50th Limited Edition 42MM Caliber 214